A profile of the professor

I am Hironori Yoshiyama. I became a head of the department as the third professor in December 2013, in succession to the first professor, Dr. Hajime Saito, who researched on taxonomy of Mycobacterium, and the second professor, Dr. Haruaki Tomioka, who made a research on immunological event and therapeutic agents of mycobacterial infection.

I will promote willingly the following education and research. So please make your advice and cooperation.

  1. The research on tumor caused by infection : the mechanism of generation of epithelial tumors associated with persistent infection with Epstein-Barr virus, the mechanism of function of microRNA expressed on bacterial and/or viral infection.
  2. The research on the pathogenic change caused by co-infection of bacteria and virus and by their mutual interaction.
  3. The diagnostic and therapeutic research on microbial infection in order to contribute community-based medicine.
  4. Training world-class human resources for both medical doctors and researchers.


Work and Research history

Mar. 1983 graduated from Yamaguchi University, Faculty of Medicine.

May. 1983  worked as a resident in the pediatric department of Yamaguchi University Hospital, under Prof. Tadashi Kajii.

Mar. 1989  completed doctor’s course of Yamaguchi University, Graduate School of Medicine under Prof. Naoki Yamamoto, who specializes virology.

Sept. 1989  worked as a research resident in infectious department of UCLA, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center under Assoc. Prof. David D Ho.

Dec. 1991  worked as a research resident in Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center of Rockefeller University under Prof. David D Ho.

Apr. 1993  worked as a research assistant in department of virology and parasitology, Yamaguchi University faculty of medicine under Prof. Kenzo Takada.

Jul. 1995  worked as a lecturer in department of microbiology, Yamaguchi University faculty of medicine under Prof. Akiko Nakazawa.

May. 2000 worked as an assistant professor in Center for virus vector development of institute for genetic medicine, Hokkaido University, under the head of the center, Prof. Kenzo Takada.

Jul. 2009  worked as an associate professor in Center for infection-associated cancer of institute for genetic medicine, Hokkaido University, under the head of the center, Prof. Masanori Hatakeyama.

Dec. 2013 became a professor of Department of Microbiology, Shimane University, Faculty of Medicine.