In June 2019, we did wellcome party for new master studet Ms. Dan Ding, new secretary Ms. Kurauchi, and farewell party for Ms. Yamagiwa.

In June 2019, Prof. Toshinori Nakayama, who is a dean in faculty of medicine, Chiba University, did lecture for undergraduate student.

In May 2019, Prof. Yoshiyama visited Thailand from May 6 to 20, for a degree examination of Mr. Chukkris Heawchaiyaphum, who stayed in our classroom for one year and three months in collaboration with the University of Kongen in Thailand. Prof. Yoshiyama received a great welcome. Chukkris took you to Ayutthaya.

In April 2019, our PhD candidate Mr. Sintayehu Fekadu wrote essay about Ethiopia. This was published in recent Shimane university hospital’s letter “shirousagi”.

In April 2019, This year’s Yoshiyama lab members. Two members will join to our lab in near future.

In December 2018, there was a farewell party for Mr. Heawchaiyaphum from Khon Kaen University in Thailand, same time, we did a welcome party for Mr. Burassakam from Khon Kaen University and Ms. Kang from Ningxia Medical University.

In September 2018, Prof. Pientong and Dr. Ekalaksananan, who are researchers in Khon Kaen University, visited our lab and discussed about our project. They are collaborators for our project and Mr. Heawchaiyaphum came from their lab to do EBV research.

In August 2018,  PhD student Ms. Kim, Dr. Iizasa, and Prof. Yoshiyama went to Wisconsin University (U.S. A) to do oral presentation in international EBV meeting. There was reception in international EBV meeting. Prof. Yoshiyama is having dinner with Prof. Kanda (Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University) and Prof. Lee (Catholic University of Korea). There was a special tour in international EBV meeting.  Dr. Iizasa, and Prof. Yoshiyama are taking a picture with Dr. Arai (Tokyo Medical and Dental University) and Prof. Kanda.